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Choosing semi-custom invitations does not have to be difficult, but I can understand if it is a bit confusing. To help with that, I've created this guide for you.

Each semi-custom suite has it's own page with all the options. You choose how big of a suite to have and which add-ons you want.

  1. Choose the 2 piece, 4 piece, or 5 piece suite. Or choose the Save the Dates.

  2. Choose which add-ons you would like.

  3. Once your order is placed, you will receive a digital design proof within five business days. (Time may increase depending on schedule.)

  4. Once the design proof is approved for print, production on your order will begin. Production time varies between 3-4 weeks to 6-8 weeks, depending on availability.

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standard 80#.png

The standard 80# stock is a super smooth cardstock. With this paper type, your design will be printed single-sided, with no back design. It's thinner but more cost effective.

duplexed 160#.png

The duplexed 160# stock is also a super smooth cardstock. With this paper type, two 80# sheets are duplexed together, to create a thick piece with a front and back design.

textured 80#.png

This textured paper comes in Ivory or White and has a beautiful natural deckled bottom edge. Your design can be printed single-sided or double-sided. Due to the light texture of this paper, it cannot be foiled, and can only be flat digitally printed.

  Left:  Duplexed 160# stock -  Right:  Standard 80# stock

Left: Duplexed 160# stock - Right: Standard 80# stock


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flat foil.png

This foiling method is not embossed into the paper like traditional foiling, but instead is a flat finish on the surface of the paper using a heat transfer technique.


This method of printing is a flat printed design on the surface of the paper.


Using a vintage style technique, this printing method uses an inked plate to ‘press’ the design into the paper. The thicker the paper stock, the deeper the impression.

blind letterpress.png

Exactly like regular letterpress, except no ink is used. The plate presses into the paper without ink, leaving a ‘blind’ impression.

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What's the difference between semi-custom and custom invitations?
Semi-custom invitations are pre-designed with the option to make a few changes such as: custom calligraphy, color changes, and additional add-ons. Custom invitations are fully customizable. A sketch is created with your vision in mind, and anything is possible.

How many invitations should I order?
You should order one invitation per house-hold, not per person. Ordering a few extra is always a good idea too. You'll need some to keep, some to take photos of, and some for last minute additions to your guest list.

Complimentary Assembly?
Any add-ons that you buy with 'assembly' in the name includes complimentary assembly. This means that I will assemble the add-ons with your invitations, and ship them to you ready to put in the envelope. If you do not purchase any add-ons with 'assembly' in the name, then you will have to assemble them yourself.

How many changes can I make to the design proof and what kind?
You can only make one minor change to the design proof. Wording, colors, etc. Additional changes can be made for a fee of $50 each. The design itself is pre-done, and cannot be changed. If you're looking for something more, please contact me for a custom stationery order.

Can I receive the design files to print myself?
Unfortunately, no. I do not offer printable files for my invitation designs. I prefer to control the quality of the printing.

Can I customize the design?
Not the semi-custom designs. If you're looking for a custom design, feel free to contact me for custom stationery.

Where's my fandom? I don't see it.
If you don't see your particular fandom, it just means I haven't created it yet. No worries though! Feel free to contact me about some custom stationery so we can get your perfect invitations made.


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Need to physically hold something in your hand to see the quality?

Containing every paper and printing option offered in the semi-custom collections, sample packets are the perfect way to really feel the quality. They even come with some of the most popular add-ons.