Custom Calligraphy - up to 200 words

Custom Calligraphy - up to 200 words


Contact me to purchase.

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This listing is for sample purposes only. Do not purchase this listing. Please email me for a custom listing.

Give a gift of beautiful words. Whether it be a favorite verse or quote, marriage vows, your proposal, a poem, a favorite love letter, or a promise of forever.

Cost is $1.00 per word, up to 200 words.

Minimum price is $30.00. So if you only choose three words, your price would be $30 instead of $3, but if you choose forty five words your price would be $45.

The sample images here are previous pieces that I've done.
For more calligraphy samples, please visit my calligraphy gallery or my Instagram @faithintoart

Please send me an email with the details of your custom order:

  • Color and size of paper. (maximum size is 12"x12")
    • Additional $8.00 for a watercolor wash paper. See sample image. Black also available.
  • Color of ink.
    • Black, White, Gold, & Silver Inks are included in the price. Custom colors & colored metallics cost extra- price varies depending on color chosen.
  • Exact text you want written.

This listing is for a single page with text hand written with traditional dip pen and ink.

The above information is a base price only. Prices are subject to change if the client has any special requests or extra details. All changes to the base price are met with the client’s approval.