Review of CGA Show in Beverly Hills, FL

One word can clearly describe the show… slow. While I did have fun, it was the slowest show I’ve been to. I managed to make cost, but just barely. It was really small, not too many people there. There probably wasn’t more than 50 attendees at one time in the building. But the staff was great! They were really nice and went out of their ways to make sure you had whatever you needed.

On a side note, it was a very nice test run for my table display for AWA in September. I’ve changed some things up with my table, and I’m very happy with how it looks. I’ve just got a couple of things to adjust, and once I order my side banners I think it’s gonna really come together. ^_^ In the pictures you can see my younger sister, and I also took a pic of the pvc before I added the banner or prints. :)

I met two really awesome cosplayers though. With it being the release day for Doctor Who, the love for the show was definitely in the air. One particular cosplay, Jenni, played the Doctor’s daughter. She nailed it, and her brother played Eleven. I really wish I had her tumblr account so I could link to her. :/

Another highlight was finally being close to another artist that I’ve befriended through a few florida conventions this year. She’s amazing, and if you’ve got the time you should totally check out her stuff:



(also, my Etsy shop is back online. ^_^)