I want to start out by saying that I have been sick for the last week with some sort of funky flu. That being said, I forced myself to go to Knightrokon, even though my voice sounded like I was strangling a cat. lol. So I apologize to those who came to my table, only to be greeted by someone who sounded like a 60-year-old chain smoker. 

I sadly have no pictures to show, as I was brain dead from being sick and completely forgot to take any… even of the table. I never forget to take a picture of my table, and it completely slipped my mind. 

We were late getting to the con, as my gps kept redirecting me and sending us off course. It added almost an hour to my trip to UCF. I’m not sure what’s up with google maps, but I’m not very happy with them. 

The UCF campus is nice. Even nicer was the grand ballroom that the dealers and artists got to occupy. Their food court right outside the doors of the ballroom was awesome. $0.50 refills on Subway drinks is all right by me! :D

The staff was very friendly. They even offered to help us set up and take down. My sister was able to go to registration and get our badges, and they let me in to go ahead and set up even without one. 

As far as revenue, I did better than expected. I was only there yesterday, as I couldn’t clear my schedule today to stay. I came out even with a bit of profit. Not bad for one day. ^_^

The crowd was very nice. Some great cosplays, and lots of friendly people. One of my favorites was a Bolin who kept in character the entire time. I never saw him go OOC, and him and the Cabage man (with a cart of cabbages!) seemed to have a lot of fun. Lots of Avatar fans at this con, but I expected that with Dante Basco being there. I never made it away from the table to see him, but that’s okay. 

To all of those who bought YYH art from me, I was SO happy to see more YYH fans, and a great big thank you to all of you. I sold out of most of my Hiei print, and that made me happy. 

Overall I really had a great time, even though I was sick the whole time. I look forward to next year. ^_^