Dream of Color DIY Poster Assembly Kit - $15.00

This is a kit of 25 prints featuring the illustration ‘Dream of Color’ by Jessica Thomas. Each print measures 4x6", and combined together are 20x30" minimum. Each kit includes 25 'pieces’ that make up 'Dream of Color’, along with a print of the final artwork, and a sheet of tips for assembly. Each piece is printed professionally on heavy gloss photo paper.

There are so many ways you can put this piece of art together. You can frame each 4x6" individually and hang, or you can combine them on one backing and frame.

The final product, as featured in the top photo, is not included. This is for the packet of 25 individual pieces as a kit, for you to assemble any way you’d like.

The bottom photo shows the other three designs available as DIY assembly kits as well.