AWA 2015 Artist Alley Review

Finally getting around to this! Sorry for taking so long.

I want to start off saying that as always, I had a blast this year. It was fun, the atmosphere was awesome, and staff were super friendly. With that said, I probably won’t be returning. :( Which is such a sad thing, since I’ve been attending since 2009. However, financially, this year just didn’t make the cut.

AWA has always been a small vacation for me and my husband, a small vacation that pays for itself. And while I did make a profit this year, it wasn’t large enough to justify the time off work and the 6 hour drive to Atlanta.

Staff changed up last minute, so there was a lot of confusion. However they were all super friendly and tried their best. Next year should actually be so much better in that regard, so long as the current staff stay.

Also, AA was in the Dealer’s room this year. While that sounds awesome because of extra foot traffic… everything was just SO big. Tons of people got lost, and I had quite a few people find me on Sunday and was all ‘FINALLY’ because they had looked all weekend. (I did have a pretty obscure location, but it wasn’t in the back or anything)

But I love the con, and I heard a lot of other artists did really well. For me, if it were local, it would be awesome and I’d keep at it. But it’s not local, and I have to look at costs of gas, hotel, and food for the four days. (on top of AA costs) It adds up, and the profit turnaround this year just wasn’t great for me.

The art show was also cancelled last minute, so I packed up all my framed artwork for no reason. :( That probably cut a lot of my profit out. The art show draws an older crowd looking to buy original pieces, and this year I didn’t sell any. Ah well, more art to hang up around my house eh?

Me and the hubby are still debating, but I’m seriously considering DragonCon for 2016 instead. It’s still Atlanta, but my art does so much better at comic conventions where there’s a more general audience. I just can’t seem to wrap my head around all these new anime’s, and I think that’s what really hurt me the most at AWA. (totally showing my age here) I think my art has outgrown that crowd, and the fanbase I had a few years ago has outgrown the con itself. My financial profits have been dwindling over the years, and this year was simply the crossed line.

But with all that said, AWA was still a blast, and I’m still glad I went. ^_^

On another note, the bottom three pics are my fav cosplays of the weekend. Youko Kurama and Kuronue from Yu Yu Hakusho, (left) the 9th Doctor from Doctor Who, (center) and an awesome Espeon and Umbreon from Pokemon. (right)