Where do I start with this suite design? The gold foil, the roses, the watercolor. swoon. I knew going in I wanted the colors to be gold and bronze, rather than white and blue. That ballroom scene is my favorite, and I wanted to represent that.

Everything shimmers, even some of the leaves in the floral design with gold foil elements. I wanted it all to feel regal and reminiscent of the shine and shimmer of that ballroom.
The ribbon chosen was a one and a half inch ombré gold. It made a beautifully large puffy bow to wrap the suite in.
I went with a more traditional calligraphy script for this suite. My normal script was just too modern for the elegant aesthetic I was going for. 
As far as the artwork, I couldn't be happier about it. The Beast's rose turned out so lovely, that I incorporated it into the Reply Card Address. The backer and the envelope liner artwork was a first for me. I normally do a more loose collage of florals, but again, I wanted to keep that elegance. So I did loose florals but in a linear pattern. I think it was a lovely touch.
The pictures really don't do this suite any justice at all. Gold foil is really hard to capture anyway, but it's that much prettier when you can see all the shimmer in person.