I wanted to create a sample suite to use in some styling shots for my website. So I figured, if I were to re-do my own wedding invitation from almost nine years ago, what would I want? The obvious choice, really. Light grey marble with rose gold foil. I swoon every time I see anything in rose gold, especially when it's combined with marble.

So with the sketch above, I obviously had what I wanted in mind. I tweaked it a bit as I went. Instead of adding rose gold marbling effects to the front, I kept it strictly in the wording. However, instead of a flat print of marble on the back with some rose gold in it, I foiled the entire design on the back. Gorgeous. 

The marbled design was hand done, and then digitally scanned and edited, then printed for the final pieces- invitations, reply cards, & liners. The envelopes and place cards however, are all hand marbled.

The reply cards are larger for this suite than I normally do. Since I wasn't designing any Save the Dates or other pieces, I really wanted this reply card to shine. And since I was re-doing it as my own unofficial invitation, I went bigger. The envelope color for these isn't necessarily rose gold- that would have been awesome- but they are a dusty rose color that would be rose gold without the metallics. So pretty.

The calligraphy is all rose gold, of course. I went with a more traditional script, since I wanted this suite to be super elegant. Instead of having just the names in calligraphy, I did the text in full script. It added so much more to being foiled, and flows together so well.

To tie it all together, I chose lace. I adore lace. While a sheer blush ribbon would have probably looked better, I really wanted a lace element in there somewhere, so I used it as the wrap. It turned out so pretty, and I adore it.

Overall, this suite is definitely my favorite thus far. Even though it's not my 'usual', I love everything about it.