This is by far the cutest wedding suite I've ever done. I did it as a sample for my last convention, so it wasn't for an actual client, but I thoroughly loved every bit of it. I got to incorporate so many unique details I don't usually get to. Like those wood textured reply envelopes.

I went with a very natural and forest-y feeling for the suite. Greens, creams, and grays. The ribbon I chose was a natural silk ribbon with a rough edge. I incorporated it into the place cards as well as the wrap for the invitation. I used the watercolored trees I did for the liners as the backer for the cards. It added that touch of green to the Save the Dates and RSVPs. 

I was really happy with how the calligraphy for the envelopes in this suite turned out as well. I went with a more watered down ink- almost watercolor- and that gave it that ombre look that I feel went with the natural setting so well.

Other than being able to illustrate Totoro, my favorite part of this suite would have to be those envelope liners inside the RSVP cards. The soot sprites with the trees combined with that wood texture envelope is just LOVE.