My sister in law recently got married, and I had the joy to help her coordinate it. I've never put a wedding together before, and thankfully, I had a ton of help. Although, I can't say I'd like to do it again in the future. I think I'll leave the planning to the professionals and stick with stationery. Am I right?

So she wanted a vintage tea-party wedding. It was outdoor, at her family's Florida farm. Everything turned out gorgeous. The weather even cooperated with us, and if you're familiar with Florida weather at all, you know that's quite a feat. I got to do all the paper goods and signage, but I also got to help with the cake. My mom does wedding cakes, so I helped her out with the floral cake topper. I have found a new love for floral arrangement. I won't be quitting stationery for it, but suddenly I want to decorate my house with flowers. Everywhere.

The photographer did an amazing job as well. I will forever sing her praises. As a matter of fact, I've included her website link. Seriously, if you're in need of a photographer in the central Florida/southern Georgia area, she's awesome.

 Included are some of my favorite photos from the wedding. Just- so pretty. I can't get over it.