This is probably my favorite wedding suite to date. I'm a huge Doctor Who fan, so I had so much fun putting this suite together. From the watercolored TARDIS, down to the tiny little written details in the RSVP. (Allons-y & I'm so sorry- seriously, love!)

I started with a sketch on my iPad Pro in Procreate. It was the first suite I've sketched out digitally, and using the iPad Pro made it so easy. It even recorded the video process of it.

I wanted the idea of space incorporated into it, but I wanted it to be subtle. So I decided to do a galaxy wash as the duplexed backer, leaving the more traditional watercolor for the TARDIS on the front with florals. The text is all aligned to the right on the invite and the rsvp card, so the ribbon tying it all together got aligned to the left. 

The calligraphy was also done on my iPad Pro with Procreate. It gave it a beautiful look between traditional and brush. Because the lines were thicker, I was able to overlay the galaxy wash on it, so that the galaxy was also incorporated on the front of the pieces.

With the envelopes, I went with a darker metallic stock. The color's name was Sparkling Sapphire- seriously, how could I not go with it? They were perfect, just gorgeous. For the wax seal, I had a Gallifreyan signet ring that I used. So instead of just a flower or fleur-de-lis, there are legitimate Gallifreyan glyphs. Let's not forget the liners. When you open up the envelope, there's a TARDIS with the galaxy wash. 

I wanted to have the TARDIS illustration on the place cards, but I also wanted them to be more than just printed place cards, so I decked the right edges of them. That combined with the metallic sapphire ink I used, they turned out perfect.

All together, the suite turned out gorgeous. I love it all, and couldn't be happier with a Doctor Who wedding suite.