Wax Seal Stamp & Wax for Sealing

Wax Seal Stamp & Wax for Sealing


Wax Seal Stamp & Five Sticks of Sealing Wax

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Interested in the wax seal designs in the semi-custom shop, but wanting to apply them yourself? What better way to seal that special thank you note, or birthday card, than with a beautiful hand-stamped wax seal? Designed by Jessica herself for her semi-custom suites, these wax stamp designs cannot be found anywhere else. They measure 1 inch in diameter, and come with 5 sticks of sealing wax in the color of your choice. Those five sticks will give you approximately 35 - 50 impressions.

Glue gun required for heating wax, and is not included. Any standard (0.44” diameter, not mini) glue gun will work.