Watercolor Procreate Brush

Watercolor Procreate Brush


A Watercolor Lettering Brush for the Procreate App

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I understand the struggle of looking for the perfect watercolor lettering brush for the Procreate App. So many of them out there aren't streamlined enough for shaky hands, or the ends don't bleed off into the new stroke, so you have to edit the lettering after you've written it. So I've created a watercolor brush that is perfect for modern watercolor lettering. The lettering will create a gradient ombré as you write, mimicking real watercolor strokes with a brush- it even has a watercolor paper texture to it. The ends do fade in opacity, so when you write a new letter overtop of the end of the last one, they blend together. The streamline is quite high, making it a great brush for those with shaky hands.

Included with this purchase is the digital download of the Watercolor brush for the Procreate App on the iPad Pro. An Apple Pencil for writing is recommended.

How it works:
Once your purchase is complete, you will be sent a download link to download the procreate brush file. Once you click on this link, you have twenty four hours to download the file before the link expires.