Thin Strokes Procreate Brush

Thin Strokes Procreate Brush


A Calligraphy Lettering Brush for the Procreate App

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I have improved on my Thick & Thin brush, and have created one that more closely mimics traditional dip pen and ink. This brush does have an oval base, using it for those thick even downstrokes. With the ability to create very thin upstrokes, this brush gives a similar effect of calligraphy done with a Hunt 101 nib, or a Brause 66EF. Perfect for spot calligraphy and no digitizing.

Included with this purchase is the digital download of the Thin Strokes brush for the Procreate App on the iPad Pro. An Apple Pencil for writing is recommended.

How it works:
Once your purchase is complete, you will be sent a download link to download the procreate brush file. Once you click on this link, you have twenty four hours to download the file before the link expires.