Hello there! My name is Jessica Thomas. I'm a mom to two beautiful girls, married to the most perfect guy on earth, and I love Jesus. And coffee. Definitely a coffee lover. Starbucks for life. My favorite color is rose gold and I have a very serious love of Color Theory. My mac and me are best friends. I love flowers, even though I can't keep any alive. I'm a vegetarian because I don't like meat, and I love keeping things organized. My entire studio is clear storage boxes.

I literally love what I do. Paper, painting, lettering, and let's not forget washi tape. I have a serious addiction. I decorate all my outgoing packages in it. That makes it a business expense, right? Right.

I am a huge geek. I grew up loving anime, but my heart belongs to Doctor Who. An entire wall of my studio is dedicated to Doctor Who art I've collected over the years. But I do love more than just Doctor Who. From Totoro to Marvel, I'm a Hufflepuff wearing geek at heart.

how i got started.png

I've always been an artist, even went to school for Graphic Design. Instead of going corporate though, I wanted to do my own thing. I married my husband and became a mom, and staying home with my daughter meant working from home. At the time, I mainly did watercolor illustrations. Geek watercolor illustrations. So I was attending anime and comic book conventions and selling my art there. It spread online, and my Etsy shop did really well. My illustrations were missing something though, and my love of lettering was making itself known. I started practicing calligraphy and incorporating it into my illustrations. Eventually drawing became tedious, but calligraphy? Calligraphy I loved. And I still loved painting. So I focused on that. Calligraphy & watercolor led me to the wedding scene, and it was an instant connection.


Once I got into the wedding scene, there was no pulling me out of it. I've always loved weddings, but being able to put together something beautiful that was so intimately rooted in someone else's wedding day- I just love it. I remember the first set of vows I did for a couple. I felt so blessed, so honored that they trusted me with that memory of theirs. That is how I feel with each piece of stationery I do for a couple. My goal is for it to be perfect, to match their perfect day. Whether it be handwritten vows, invitations, place cards, or signage- I strive to create the vision of each couple who asks me to do so. 

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FaithIntoArt is the studio behind everything that I do. It started out as the name of my art business, and over time has changed as I have changed. Grown as I have grown. Now it's the name of my business where I do Wedding Invitations, Calligraphy, & Design. I strive for beautiful designs, the very best of first impressions, and I do it all with the talent that God has blessed me with.

Due to my geek nature and history with comic book conventions, I specialize in geek stationery. I feel that geeks should have just as nice of stationery as everyone else, and we geeks know that the details matter. I still attend comic book conventions and showcase my geek wedding stationery, and I've started doing bridal shows as well. While I love them- getting to meet brand new brides-to-be and being around so much joy- my heart still belongs at comic conventions.

Most of everything I do is custom, created unique and special for each couple, and if you've met me you've probably heard me say 'if you can invision it, I can do it'. Allow me the honor of doing that for you. Of creating for you the perfect stationery for your perfect day. After all, the stationery is the first impression of your wedding that your guests see, and your first impression should be beautiful.


Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men. - Colossians 3:23