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the first impression of your wedding should be beautiful


creating beauty from color with faith


why choose faithintoart?

Your invitations are the very first impression your guests will see of your wedding. Aren't first impressions everything? You want quality, and that's what FaithIntoArt will give you. Only the highest qualities of paper and materials are used to design and put your vision together, to give your guests the best of first impressions.


custom or semi-custom?

Whether you choose to order custom stationery, or semi-custom stationery, FaithIntoArt puts quality first. Using the best paper and materials, both of my stationery options are for the couple who really wants to make a beautiful first impression.

If you choose to order custom, your vision can literally turn into reality. from sketch to final production, FaithIntoArt creates the calligraphy, illustrations, and design- just for you.

Don't have the budget for that? No problem. I offer pre-designed semi-custom stationery at a more affordable price. is the quality less? absolutely not. having it pre-designed cuts out the majority of correspondence, making it more budget friendly.


let's talk geek.

FaithIntoArt specializes in geek stationery. Being a geek myself, I understand the importance of those details. Because the details do matter. Whether your fandom includes a TARDIS, or a fuzzy spirit of the forest named Totoro, have your wedding your way- without sacrificing the elegance of it. Browse my semi-custom geek stationery, but if you don't find your favorite there, contact me for something custom.


meet the designer behind faithintoart

Jessica Thomas is the designer, illustrator, and calligrapher behind FaithIntoArt. She's a rose gold & coffee loving geek who fell in love with all things paper, and is eager to design the perfect stationery for you.


let me help you

I know everything can seem so very overwhelming, and as a new bride, you've got enough on your plate! Let me help take some of the stress out of choosing stationery. Send me an email with a bit of information about yourself, your wedding, and your budget- and let me help you choose what kind of stationery would best fit you. This is such an amazing time for you, and I want it to be as stress-free as possible.


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